How to Choose an Ophthalmologist in Las Vegas

How to choose an ophthalmologist in Las Vegas

Choosing an ophthalmologist is one of the most important decisions you may have to make. Your eyes are precious, and when you are considering having surgery on your eyes, you want to find the best option for you.

So how do you go about making the best choice possible for an ophthalmologist? Whether you need cataract surgery or are considering vision correction surgery, such as LASIK, there are several things you can do to find the best ophthalmologist in Las Vegas.

1. Find Out Which Ophthalmologists Are In the Area

There are several ophthalmologists in the city. What’s the right way to find them all so you can do the research, and compare them properly?

Ask your optometrist or primary doctor

Your doctor should be able to offer up a recommendation, especially if you’re going to an ophthalmologist for cataract treatment or a medical visit as opposed to vision correction surgery. If you are going for vision treatment, then ask your regular optometrist.

Ask for recommendations

Vision correction surgery is getting more common. Odds are, you know at least a few people who have had eye surgery done. You can ask for recommendations on social media or from friends and family who have had vision problems in the past.

Google it

If you don’t feel comfortable asking around or if you honestly don’t know anyone who has had eye surgery done, do a quick Google search for ophthalmologists. You’ll find a listing of them, usually with links to their websites. Read reviews and see who you feel comfortable with.

2. Find Out Their Location(s)

Once you’ve done some research to find out the ophthalmology providers available, make sure they are located in an area that is convenient for you.

Eye surgery is not a one-visit endeavor. You will likely have a few visits you’ll need to plan for:

  • A consultation
  • The surgery
  • Follow up visits

If the doctor’s office is too far away or in a part of town you’re not comfortable traveling to, you may want to give more consideration to another provider. Many doctors have multiple offices, so make sure to check all locations.

3. Determine What Services They Offer

Different ophthalmology offices offer different services. For example, if a provider provides LASIK surgery, but does not provide any alternative vision correction treatments, what will you do if you are not a good candidate for LASIK?

Some clinics do surgery for cataracts or other eye issues, but not vision correction. Some may only do vision correction.

A clinic’s web page will usually spell out their services, but make sure to call and check before you commit to an appointment.

4. Read Patient Reviews

To get a better sense of what kind of care you can expect, you may want to check out patient reviews.

It’s pretty easy to find patient reviews online through sites like Yelp or Zocdoc. Don’t just look at the number of stars, though—read through the comments too. What’s important to one person may not be as important a factor to you.

5. Visit Their Office

Once you have your choice narrowed down to a few Las Vegas ophthalmology clinics, take some time to visit their offices. This may seem like a waste of time, but, a doctor’s office can tell you a lot about their practice.

If you enter the ophthalmology office and you don’t get a good vibe from the location, the atmosphere of the office, or the staff, do you want that clinic to be responsible for your precious vision?

A clinic that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing is going to be one where you are more comfortable.

Finding your ophthalmologist is worth spending some extra time and effort. You are trusting the clinic with your sight. Nobody should take that lightly.

We would love to have you as a patient at Brimhall Eye. We treat everything from glaucoma to vision correction, so read our reviews and make an appointment if we sound like a good fit.

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