COVID-19 Update

Closer visual of bluish greenish eye

Welcome to Brimhall Eye.
Award-winning care. Coronavirus safe*.

Coronavirus has changed our world, and we have changed our practice patterns in response.

Telemedicine! You may not even need to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. We do telemedicine consults where appropriate. Some types of evaluations require an in-person exam.

If you do need to be seen in person, you will feel confident in how we do things. We have reduced your risk at every point:

  • You will not wait in a waiting area.
  • You will come straight into a private room that has been sanitized with CDC-approved solutions.
  • Strict handwashing protocols are adhered to.
  • Doctors and staff wear masks and protective equipment for everyone’s safety.
  • Breath guards are used on all examination microscopes.
  • We have been top-ranked by patients for years. Come see why! We look forward to helping you.

*Although there is no 100% safe method of avoiding coronavirus, the measures we employ are believed to dramatically reduce risk. Beyond what has been mentioned above, many other things have been done to promote your safety regarding coronavirus.

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