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What is ICL?

Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a vision correction surgery where your doctor adjusts your vision by implanting a lens in your eye. The lens sits just anterior to your eye’s natural lens and behind the iris. After ICL surgery, your vision is immediately corrected and you can see clearly without glasses.

These lenses are crafted to correct your particular refractive error with total accuracy, just as standard contacts are. ICL vision correction offers the same degree of freedom from eyewear that LASIK surgery does. This makes it a valuable alternative for individuals who are not good candidates for LASIK or other refractive correction surgeries.

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Who should get ICL?

ICL is usually used on patients who are under the age of 45. Ideal candidates for ICL surgery have myopic prescriptions that cannot be fixed with LASIK surgery.

Astigmatism can also be treated with the newest Toric ICL’s. While ICL treatment can serve as a permanent correction, it’s also easily reversible simply by extracting the lens. This form of surgery also offers outstanding visual results and a speedy recovery time.

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What is the difference between LASIK and ICL Surgery?

During LASIK, your surgeon adjusts the shape of your cornea to clear up your vision, while ICL is an implantable contact lens that corrects your vision. Both are safe surgeries with excellent outcomes!

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