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Elevate Eye Care Through Collaboration

Brimhall Eye takes great pride in maintaining a high quality legally sound comanagement process. To foster seamless collaboration, we’ve detailed our  services and introduced an online co-management referral form. Developed with leading optometrists, our system emphasizes affordability and convenience for all.

Interested in joining us for co-management? Use our online referral form or connect directly with our expert, Amie, at 702-263-2020 for any questions or feedback. 

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A Brief Explanation of Comanagement

Comanagement of a patient has become an important part of our current healthcare system. It is where a surgeon performs a surgery while a different non-surgeon performs the postoperative care. Compensation is provided to both parties for the work they performed in behalf of the patient.

Comanagement between ophthalmology and optometry is a legally sound process with specific safe-harbor rules. In order to remain legally sound and to remain far from appearing like a financial kick-back certain practices must be observed. The following are some examples:


Patients must be given the option to be comanaged and be willing to proceed. If a patient does not wish to participate comanagement is not done.


A formal written consent for comanagement must be signed by the patient and by all participating providers.


The comanaging provider must see the patient and provide care prior to receiving compensation. Compensation is based on the care given.
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What To Expect

Your Co-Management Journey with Brimhall Eye

Comanagement typically plays out as follows:

After the patient has had surgery and is seen for their 1 day post operative exam, the surgeon, if deemed medically appropriate will perform a formal transfer-of-care to the comanaging optometrist. A separate letter for each eye will be sent to your office regarding this transfer of care. The patient then follows up with you for their postoperative care shortly thereafter.

A copy of your note on your initial visit must be filled out and sent to the surgeon’s office for record-keeping.  A comanaging provider gives postoperative care relating to the surgery at no extra charge up to 90 days after the surgery. Unrelated complaints may still be billed or charged.

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

If at any time medical concerns arise that you feel uncomfortable with we encourage you to contact us. Sometimes it is appropriate to send the patient back to us for care.

Compensation to you occurs in one of two ways. Medicare and Medicaid cases (and government payors in general) are required to be directly billed by your organization. Because commercial insurances generally will not accept or pay out comanagement fees to postop providers, commercial insurances must be paid differently.

For billing or co-manage questions, please call our office at (702) 263-2020.

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Health Insurance Plans We Accept

We accept many types of health insurance. Give us a call before booking to ensure we accept your insurance.
Not Contracted:
All insurance cards and a photo ID are required at check-in for verification. Patients are responsible for co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered amounts at the time of service. Insurance authorizations and referrals for services do not guarantee payments.
We cannot guarantee Brimhall Eye accepts your insurance until we verify your coverage and the third-party administrator.

Our Services

From eye allergies to vision problems to dry eye, we treat most eye conditions.

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Premium Cataract

Achieve exceptional visual outcomes through fully customizable options including LASER-assisted cataract surgery and Dropless options. Experience personalized care and exceptional outcomes as we help you achieve the visual clarity you deserve.

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Vision Surgery

Say goodbye to glasses and contacts with laser-assisted LASIK or PRK surgeries. Reshape your cornea and treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring a life-changing vision transformation.

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Detect and manage glaucoma, a leading cause of vision loss, with our comprehensive testing and personalized treatment plans. Our skilled team offers a range of effective options including medications, laser therapy, and surgery.

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Diabetic Eye

Protect your eyes from diabetes-related complications. Our experts provide thorough monitoring, early detection, and tailored treatments for diabetic eye conditions to safeguard your vision and prevent vision loss.

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Disease of the

When it comes to your cornea, trust our experienced team to diagnose and treat various corneal diseases. We'll help restore and maintain your vision by utilizing advanced techniques and personalized treatment plans.

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Flashes and

Are you experiencing flashes of light or floating specks in your vision? Our skilled surgeons can help address these common symptoms caused by the thickening of the vitreous.

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Relieve the discomfort of dry eyes with our specialized treatments. Our team will help you find relief from the gritty, scratchy, or burning sensations caused by inadequate tear production.

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Pterygium Evaluation and Removal

If you're bothered by a fleshy red patch growing on your eye, our experts can evaluate and safely remove pterygium. Don't let it compromise your vision or cause irritation.

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Eye Allergies and
Itchy Eyes

Find relief from red, swollen, and itchy eyes caused by allergies. Schedule an appointment to get a personalized treatment plan and prescribed eye drops for soothing relief.

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Preserve your remaining eyesight and prevent further vision loss from age-related macular degeneration. Contact us today for monitoring, specialized treatments, and expert care.

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Get comprehensive treatment for eyelid disorders and regain optimal eye health. Book an appointment to receive personalized care and effective solutions for your specific needs.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Janet McElwain
Janet McElwain
Friendly staff & Dr Thompson is great! He answers all your questions without making you feel rushed. I Highly recommend this place.
Judy Mullin
Judy Mullin
Everyone is friendly, with great results!
Nicole H
Nicole H
I cannot believe i was scared for years to do lasik. I finally decided to go for it. I did a bunch of research and found Brimhall. Dr Thompson and the entire team was amazing! If you are thinking about doing it, do it! They will take great care of you.
Norman Mottram
Norman Mottram
Great experience, everyone is very friendly and professional.
LaLa For Animals
LaLa For Animals
They where understanding of my fear of eye surgery and where very empathic. The staff at the office and surgery center where amazing
Kerrylyn Foley
Kerrylyn Foley
Dr Brimhall was wonderful! I had LASIK done and was very nervous about the procedure. He was great at keeping me calm and the procedure was over quickly. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. If you are thinking about having LASIK or any other procedure, go see DR Brimhall!
Jacob Tanner
Jacob Tanner
I have had issues with my vision for quite some time now and i with very nervous going into this appointment but all my worries were imidiately put to ease by all of the friendly staff and the Doctor was very knowledgeable and made sure her answered any and all questions that i had so i would most definitely recommend this place to everyone! Great job by great people! I appreciate the experience 🙏
Meg Florence
Meg Florence
Excellent customer service. I felt very well informed when I went in for my procedure. The entire experience was amazing from start to finish.

Patient Co-Management Referral

We love working with referring optometrists. If you are interested in co-managing with Brimhall Eye, contact us by filling out our online patient referral form.