Treating Diabetic Eye Disease: Notes From A Las Vegas Eye Surgeon

If you have diabetes, it could affect the health of your eyesight over time. Diabetic eye disease — also known as diabetic retinopathy — is an eye condition that can cause damage to the light-sensitive tissue in your retina.  At first, diabetic eye disease might not produce any symptoms. If left untreated, however, it could … Continued

X Eye Pain Causes & When To Visit Your Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Your eyes can do amazing things. They can process information instantly through a network of muscles, nerves, and tissue, giving you a crystal-clear picture of the world around you. The seven million cones and 100 million rods in your retina all work together to bring you the world in living color.  We rely on this … Continued

Do Eye Health Supplements Work? Las Vegas Eye Doctor Tips

Your eyes are your windows to the world. Though only one-sixth of your eye is exposed to your surroundings, it’s made up of over 2 million complex working parts. It can focus on more than 50 different items every second and distinguish between approximately 10 million colors.  Here are some other interesting facts about your … Continued

Side Effects From LASIK: A Las Vegas Patient Guide

LASIK eye surgery is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the country. Since the FDA first approved it, more than 10 million Americans have gotten LASIK to correct their vision. It’s one of the safest and most effective vision correction treatments.  However, like all surgical procedures, LASIK surgery can come with some risks. While … Continued

LASIK: Is There An Age Limit?

Is your vision blurred? Do you find it hard to see at night? Are objects in the distance poorly defined? Are closer objects hard to make out? Do glasses make you uncomfortable, or does your prescription constantly change? Not a fan of contact lenses? Well, LASIK surgery may be for you. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis … Continued

Should I See a Las Vegas Ophthalmologist or Optometrist?

If you’ve ever had an eye exam or needed treatment for an eye condition, you probably know how many types of eye doctors there are — from ophthalmologists to optometrists, figuring out who you should see and when can be confusing.  Choosing the right eye doctor isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Your eye … Continued

Eye Floaters and LASIK: Notes From A Las Vegas Eye Doctor

If you have ever noticed something in your eye that looks like little floating spots or squiggles, you are not alone. Known as eye floaters, these small spots are common and typically not harmful. Still, you may be concerned about these small floaters or worried about whether they will prevent you from having vision procedures … Continued

The Recovery Handbook for Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas

People who have cataracts often feel like they are looking through a steamy window or driving through fog. They are incredibly common. More than half of people over the age of 80 have had cataracts.  What Are Cataracts? A cataract is when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or foggy.  Cataracts form when the … Continued

Exploring PRK VS LASIK: A Las Vegas Guide

Most people are already familiar with the most common eye procedure: LASIK. This refractive surgery is performed around 700,000 times each year in the United States.  But you might not know that there’s another type of eye procedure to correct vision — one that came before LASIK. Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is another option for people … Continued

Getting Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas: 5 Questions to Ask

Nearly 4 million cataract surgeries are performed in the United States each year. Around 130 million living people are benefiting from this procedure today. Although it’s a widely performed and low-risk surgery, it’s no secret that the idea of eye surgery can be intimidating.  Every patient should be fully empowered with all the necessary information … Continued

LASIK Las Vegas: Your LASIK Aftercare Eye Guide

More than 194 million adults in the United States use some form of vision correction, like eyeglasses or contacts.  That being said, not everybody enjoys the experience. There’s a solution available for those who don’t want to rely on glasses or contacts: LASIK eye surgery.  LASIK surgery essentially reshapes the eye, correcting the vision for issues … Continued

Diabetic Eye Disease

6 Eye Conditions To Know About

Most people face problems with their vision at some point in their lives. Some conditions are minor and go away over time or with the help of over-the-counter treatments. Other conditions, however, may need more intensive care from a specialist. Eye conditions include any medical issue that impacts your sight. Conditions can range from minor … Continued