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What is Included in Brimhall Eye Custom LASIK Surgery?

When we say custom, we mean we provide an all-inclusive, customized surgery for each patient. No additional charges, and no cookie-cutter surgeries.

Some LASIK centers charge additional fees for astigmatism, higher prescriptions, touch-ups, and plugs. We don’t! Everything is included in your custom LASIK or ASA surgery.

Brimhall Eye LASIK includes:

  • Touch ups
  • Plugs for dry eyes
  • Upgraded laser
  • Enhancements and care for 1 year post surgery
  • Full-service care

We believe getting value from your purchase. We want to ensure that you get your money’s worth when you come to us. Please let us know if you have any questions about what to expect from your LASIK or ASA surgery at Brimhall Eye.

Transparent Pricing

We are the only Las Vegas LASIK practice to publish our real LASIK price.

At Brimhall Eye, we offer customized laser surgery at no additional cost. That means that we look at your eye shape and prescription and offer a customized surgery just for you. Your treatment and surgery will be tailored to your needs. We truly provide an all-inclusive surgery with no additional costs.

All eye surgeons are not the same, just like all LASIK is not the same.

Our highly experienced surgeons at Brimhall Eye have performed LASIK on pilots, pro athletes, military special forces, and professionals in every field. We also invest in the newest lasers so our technology is always cutting edge. We offer bladeless laser surgeries that are safer, newer, and better for your eyes.

You only get one set of eyes! You deserve the best care you can get!

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How Much Does LASIK Cost at Brimhall Eye?

Our custom LASIK surgery costs $2,450 per eye or $4,900 for both eyes. ASA is the same price.

This cost is higher than the specials you see on advertisements or discount sites, but it is in line with the high-quality and comprehensive surgery you get with us.

This is your vision, and you deserve the best eye surgery available. Your eyes are too important to settle for less! Give us a call at Brimhall Eye if you have questions about our services, what is included in surgery, or to set up a LASIK consultation.

Not a Candidate for LASIK?

If you aren’t a candidate for LASIK, then there are several other surgeries we can perform to correct your vision.

We offer multiple vision correction surgeries that can eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. ICL, PRK, and clear lens exchange are a few of the most common vision surgeries that we regularly perform.

These procedures vary in price and they can cost more than LASIK. Contact us to set up a consultation and we can price out several vision correction surgeries for you.

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Schedule a Consultation

Deciding between treatment options is hard. It’s really hard.

That’s why we have a team of counselors to help you weigh your options and choose which surgery or treatment is best for you. After you meet with one of our eye doctors, you’ll sit down with one of our counselors, Andrew, Lolita, or Char, and they will walk you through your doctor’s recommendations.