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Explore top-tier care for diverse eye conditions at Brimhall Eye. From eyelid disorders to macular degeneration, our specialists deliver tailored solutions with advanced technologies. Elevate your eye health—schedule a consultation today.

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Discover expert care for a variety of eye conditions and diseases at Brimhall Eye. Our commitment to exceptional eye health extends beyond LASIK and cataract surgery. Whether you're seeking vision correction, treatment for macular degeneration, or solutions for other eye conditions, Brimhall Eye provides comprehensive and personalized care.

Eye Allergies and Itchy Eyes

Some allergic reactions can cause red, swollen, or itchy eyes. It can be difficult to stop rubbing your eyes, which may cause more inflammation and irritation.

Pollen, dust mites, dander, and anything a person can be allergic to can be the cause of allergies that affect the eyes. Treatment can reduce swelling and get the reaction under control.

We usually prescribe eye drops to help soothe dry, itchy, watery eyes. If there is a more serious problem, then your eye doctor will evaluate your eyes and decide which treatment is best.

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Vision correction at eye care center in Las Vegas NV

Vision Correction

We do correct vision – but not through glasses and contacts like your optometrist might. We perform corrective surgeries that alter the actual eye to correct vision. You probably recognize LASIK, and we also perform ASA, ICL, and Clear Lens Exchange. These are all different forms of surgery that correct different vision issues. Give us a call today if you’re looking for a Las Vegas LASIK doctor!

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration happens as you age. It is the leading cause of vision loss in patients over 60. While there is no way to reverse vision loss with macular degeneration, we can monitor the progress and use specific treatments to prevent progression of the disease.

The macula is the small center portion of the retina. Macular degeneration happens when the macula deteriorates and the eyes begin to experience vision loss. Laser therapy and some medications can help keep your remaining eyesight.

Eyelid disorder treatment at eye care center in Las Vegas

Eyelid Disorders

We treat many eyelid disorders. From eyelashes that turn inward to droopy eyelids, we can help you with your medically necessary eyelid disorders.

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Janet McElwain
Janet McElwain
Friendly staff & Dr Thompson is great! He answers all your questions without making you feel rushed. I Highly recommend this place.
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Judy Mullin
Everyone is friendly, with great results!
Nicole H
Nicole H
I cannot believe i was scared for years to do lasik. I finally decided to go for it. I did a bunch of research and found Brimhall. Dr Thompson and the entire team was amazing! If you are thinking about doing it, do it! They will take great care of you.
Norman Mottram
Norman Mottram
Great experience, everyone is very friendly and professional.
LaLa For Animals
LaLa For Animals
They where understanding of my fear of eye surgery and where very empathic. The staff at the office and surgery center where amazing
Kerrylyn Foley
Kerrylyn Foley
Dr Brimhall was wonderful! I had LASIK done and was very nervous about the procedure. He was great at keeping me calm and the procedure was over quickly. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. If you are thinking about having LASIK or any other procedure, go see DR Brimhall!
Jacob Tanner
Jacob Tanner
I have had issues with my vision for quite some time now and i with very nervous going into this appointment but all my worries were imidiately put to ease by all of the friendly staff and the Doctor was very knowledgeable and made sure her answered any and all questions that i had so i would most definitely recommend this place to everyone! Great job by great people! I appreciate the experience 🙏
Meg Florence
Meg Florence
Excellent customer service. I felt very well informed when I went in for my procedure. The entire experience was amazing from start to finish.

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Deciding between treatment options is hard. That’s why, after you meet with one of our eye doctors, we have a team of counselors to help you weigh your options and choose which surgery or treatment is best for you. 

Eye Conditions and Diseases FAQs

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to delivering personalized care and precise attention to every detail required for effective management of various eye conditions and diseases.

You will be consistently informed at every stage. Before initiating any treatment, our team thoroughly assesses your medical history, lifestyle, and vision goals to curate a tailored plan that perfectly suits your needs.

Post-treatment, we ensure holistic after-care support and schedule follow-up visits as required, enabling you to stay updated about your progress and have the best possible experience in managing your eye condition or disease. 

Allergic reactions to substances like pollen, dust mites, and dander can lead to eye discomfort. Our treatments aim to reduce swelling and bring reactions under control.
We often prescribe specialized eye drops to soothe symptoms such as dryness, itching, and watering. For more serious issues, our experienced eye doctors evaluate your eyes to determine the most effective treatment.
Unlike traditional glasses or contacts, we specialize in transformative corrective surgeries. Various procedures are performed to address different vision issues. Contact us today for a consultation.
Macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in those over 60, occurs as the macula deteriorates. While vision loss reversal isn’t possible, our team monitors progress and implements treatments to prevent disease progression.
We address various medically necessary eyelid disorders, ensuring comprehensive care for optimal eye health and function.
Absolutely! Our team is here to address a wide range of eye conditions and concerns. Whether it’s a specific issue not covered in our site or a general eye health inquiry, feel free to reach out for a consultation or visit our center. Your eye health is our priority!


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From cutting-edge diagnostics to advanced treatments, we offer comprehensive solutions for managing a variety of eye conditions and diseases. If you’re facing challenges related to your eye health, optimal treatment involves closely managing the condition and its effects on your vision.

Our clinic provides various approaches to eye condition management, and you can explore your treatment options by scheduling an appointment to discuss them with us. Reach out today to schedule an evaluation for your eye condition.

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