Your Guide to Getting LASIK In Las Vegas: What to Expect

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It used to be that if you had poor vision, you had no option but to wear glasses or contacts. While these items can help you to see more clearly, they only go so far. Your vision is still limited in certain situations — you may be unable to wear them or have to take them off. Glasses can slip and fall from your face. You can lose or break them. Contacts can dry out and become uncomfortable, leaving you feeling miserable.

LASIK provides a better way to improve your eyesight. The process involves a minor surgical procedure performed by a trained vision professional. It provides many benefits, including:

  • Near-instant vision improvement
  • Most people have a drastic decrease in their dependence on glasses, and some no longer require their glasses at all
  • You don’t need bandages or stitches
  • A numbing agent makes the procedure virtually painless
  • You can undergo corrections later if your vision changes again or to make greater improvements

If you’re considering LASIK in Las Vegas, here’s what you need to know.

LASIK: Who’s an Ideal Candidate?

Before you undergo LASIK, you need to determine if you’re an ideal candidate. Here are a few questions to consider that can help you figure out if the procedure is right for you:

  • Are your eyes healthy? Do you have any conditions such as keratitis, dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, or an eye disease that can cause progressive vision deterioration?
  • Are you healthy? Certain health conditions like diabetes or diseases that compromise your immune system may disqualify you from the procedure.
  • Has your vision changed recently? If you’ve experienced recent vision changes, are pregnant or nursing, or take certain medications, you may have to wait.
  • Can you go a few weeks without contacts? You may need to go a few weeks wearing only your glasses before your procedure. 
  • Do you have realistic expectations? While LASIK can greatly improve your vision, it’s not a magic procedure. You may still need glasses (although you might not need as strong a prescription), or your vision may change later in your life. Many people see significant improvement in their vision and can go without glasses or contacts, however.

LASIK: What to Expect

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your LASIK procedure in Las Vegas:

Your Initial Consultation

Before you undergo treatment, you’ll need to schedule a consultation. At Brimhall Eye Center, your initial LASIK Las Vegas consultation is free.

During your consultation, your eye doctor will examine your eyes and go over your health history to determine if you’re a good candidate. If the procedure is a good fit for you, they’ll go over what to expect during your surgery and what you might expect to pay for LASIK.

Your eye doctor will also discuss the possible side effects with you during your consultation. Side effects may include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Glares
  • Double vision
  • Vision regression
  • Vision changes or loss

Discussing the potential side effects isn’t to scare you. The surgeons at Brimhall Eye Center are very experienced, and they take every possible precaution to avoid any problems that might arise. Giving you a list of possible side effects helps you to be fully informed and better prepared for your procedure.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your doctor.

If you are a good candidate for LASIK and feel comfortable moving forward, you will then schedule your surgical appointment. 

The Day of Your Procedure

On the day of your LASIK procedure, you’ll need to come with a trusted friend or family member who can drive you home. Before the procedure begins, you’ll receive special drops that will numb your eyes to make the surgery more comfortable

Your surgeon will then place a special device on your eyes to keep them open. They will then make incisions to create small flaps on your eyes. Next, the surgeon will use a laser to reshape your corneas to improve your vision. During your surgery, you will need to keep your eyes focused on a light.  That helps to ensure your eyes stay still while your surgeon works. The procedure doesn’t take very long to complete, and your surgeon can correct both eyes in a single session if necessary.

After completing your vision correction, your surgeon will replace the flaps on your eyes. They should heal fine on their own, so you won’t have to worry about stitches on your eyes. They’ll remove the device from your eyes and go over your post-op care before sending you home. 


After your LASIK procedure, your eyes may feel a little gritty and watery. Your vision may also be a bit blurry for a little while, but it should recover quickly. You’ll go home with drops for pain, which could linger for a few hours. You’ll also need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Your follow-up will generally occur a few days after your LASIK procedure. At this time, your eye doctor will check to see how you’re healing and determine if there are any complications. You may also need to schedule additional follow-ups for up to six months after your procedure.

In general, it can take up to three months for your eyes to heal and your vision to stabilize. You may also need to avoid cosmetics for a few weeks, as well as swimming, hot tubs, and strenuous sports. Following your doctor’s recommendations is vital for ensuring your eyes heal properly and that you experience the best results possible. 

Are You Ready to See Better?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts, LASIK can help you ditch them for good.

Imagine how good it would feel to no longer need to worry about dealing with glasses or contacts (or significantly reducing your reliance on them). Brimhall Eye Center offers custom-tailored LASIK solutions in Las Vegas-based on your unique needs. With our high-quality care and personalized touch to your treatment, we can help you improve your vision and allow you to see things more clearly. 

‌Ready to see if you’re a candidate and learn what to expect from your procedure? Contact Brimhall Eye Center to schedule your free consultation today.

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