Can LASIK Help With Sports?

A man playing soccer

Many patients seek out LASIK surgery to improve their eyesight and free themselves from contacts and glasses. LASIK is a refractive laser eye surgery that corrects astigmatisms, hyperopia, myopia, and more.

If you’re an athlete, you might be wondering: can LASIK help with sports?

The short answer is: Yes!  

Glasses and contacts can be a constant bother to active individuals — especially athletes. Dust and dirt from workouts and sports can cause irritation under contact lenses, and smudged lenses can obscure vision. Both can be a detriment to your performance during workouts and sports. 

Pitching a baseball, shooting a basketball, or even biking or running with fogged glasses can be not just awkward, but also dangerous to you and the people around you. As such, athletes of all levels can often benefit greatly from having LASIK surgery. 

If you’re ready to trade your glasses and contacts for clearer vision and less restricted workouts and practices, LASIK might be the solution. Before choosing LASIK, there are some important factors to consider:

Improvement Might Be Subtle

LASIK can correct your vision, but it cannot augment sight or create extreme changes in vision. In many cases, however, it can boost vision enough to improve your athletic pursuits without the hindrance of contacts or glasses. 

LASIK Isn’t For Everyone

One of the risks associated with LASIK surgery is damage to the surface of the eye, which can be caused by significant force — such as a collision during contact sports. If you are an athlete who takes part in high contact sports, you should consider your increased risk for injury before committing to LASIK.

Consider Your Recovery Time and Side Effects

To heal safely and fully, you should allow at least a week of downtime after the procedure before returning to your workout or athletics routine. Even with proper healing, you may experience dry eyes for a few months — this can be managed with artificial tears. After your recovery, however, you can expect to see better than ever before.

LASIK Can Boost Your Performance

The bottom line is: LASIK can offer improved athletic performance with little risk and minimal pain. LASIK can provide many benefits in everyday life and revive your athletic life. 

As an athlete, you may feel bogged down by your corrective lenses. LASIK can improve your vision enough to end the need for contacts and glasses. This removes the irritation of sweat and dust getting under your contacts and the annoyance of other players bumping your eyeglass frames during practice and games.

LASIK also eliminates the vision disruptions that occur when contact lenses or glasses move during physical activity. With improved vision, you can keep your eye on the ball, field, and competition — so you can focus on improving yourself and your game without worrying about your vision. 

Brimhall Eye Center is an award-winning ophthalmologist that serves the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Brimhall offers LASIK surgery that meets your needs and lifestyle. The goal is to elevate your active lifestyle. If you’re ready to set up a consultation to explore your options and step up your vision game, contact Brimhall Eye Center today. 

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