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diet and eye health

Diet & Eye Health: According to A Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Today’s modern lifestyle and diet might be putting eye health at risk. Everything may play a role in how well you can maintain your vision, from what you eat to how much time you spend looking at a digital screen.   If you understand some of the causes of eye problems like myopia, cataracts, macular … Continued

Eye Problems when Aging

Most Common Eye Problems for Aging Adults

Approximately one in three Americans experience eye problems by the age of 65. Visual impairment interferes with everyday tasks, but research shows that it can also put individuals at a higher risk of: Depression Cognitive decline Chronic disease Lower life expectancy The most common eye problems are very treatable if detected early, limiting or preventing … Continued

Blue Eyes

Dry Eyes? Watch These 6 Tearjerkers

Dry eyes can be chronic issue, and for many of us we have to stay readily equipped with eye drops. But if you’re looking for another way to get some much need moisture into your eyes, why not watch a classic tearjerker? Take a look at our list of 6 tearjerkers that will get the … Continued