What You Need to Know About Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas at Brimhall Eye

Trying to decide between Dropless and traditional cataract surgery? The options can be overwhelming! We broke down what Dropless actually means, the benefits of the surgery, and potential drawbacks.

Woman with dropless cataract surgery

What is Dropless Cataract Surgery?

Dropless cataract surgery is a new development in cataract surgery. It essentially eliminates the need for the patient to use eye drops after cataract surgery. In traditional cataract surgery, the patient uses eye drops to keep the eye infection-free. In Dropless surgery, the doctor injects the necessary antibiotics and medications into the eye during surgery. It makes for a simpler and more worry-free recovery and is actually safer in the long run.

We have offered Dropless cataract surgery at our Las Vegas office since 2017, and we’ve learned a few things about it along the way.

Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery

Most patients use more than 500 eye drops for a month after cataract surgery. All those eye drops really add up financially! Depending on your insurance, they can cost up to several hundred dollars. The cool thing about Dropless cataract surgery is that it doesn’t cost any more than traditional cataract surgery, so you could end up saving a few hundred dollars on eye drops. The surgery itself doesn’t cost more than other cataract surgeries.

Dropless reduces the risk of infection by 3–8 times and reduces eye irritation after surgery. When the medication is administered to the eye during the surgery, then the patient doesn’t have to use eye drops after surgery. No more worrying about using the right eye drops at the right time!

The medication is a combination of antibiotics and steroids, which keep the eye from getting infections. They are the same medications that are in the eye drops you usually use after cataract surgery.

Are There Any Potential Downsides to Dropless Cataract Surgery?

There are no major drawbacks to Dropless cataract surgery. A very small number of patients may see spots in their vision for a few days following the surgery, which is the worst side effect.

It’s a safe, effective surgery and the side effects are minimal. In our practice, our patients have loved having a no drop cataract surgery option.

Dropless or Traditional Cataract Surgery?

Deciding between Dropless cataract surgery and traditional cataract surgery can be tough. Dropless is a really good option, and it offers a simpler recovery for most patients. Looking for cataract surgery in the Las Vegas area? Schedule an appointment at Brimhall Eye and our doctors will walk you through your options and what to expect.

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