David S. Harsini, OD · Brimhall Eye

David S. Harsini, OD

Dr. David Harsini is a board-certified optometrist. He was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dr. Harsini attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate in microbiology and has always excelled in math and sciences. Being around the lab, he has always been interested in healthcare. His curiosity brought him to be an ophthalmology technician at Kalamazoo Ophthalmology for a year. Here, he found his passion for eyes and wanted to pursue a career where he would be able to help preserve one of our five senses, vision. 

Dr. Harsini attended and graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science in Optometry. From there, he accumulated experience from his rotations at Providence Community Health Care Clinic of Rhode Island, Tallahassee Veteran Affairs, and Omni Eye Services in New Jersey. He extensively researched and presented his academy poster in neuro-syphilis and completed his residency at the Las Vegas Veteran Affairs in Ocular Disease.

Dr. Harsini believes in taking the extra steps needed to provide patients with great visual outcomes. He enjoys working with patients to customize a mutually agreeable treatment plan and accurate diagnoses.

Being from Michigan, Dr. Harsini wanted to escape the harsh winters and found Las Vegas’s climate to be more tolerable.  He enjoys golfing and hiking and is excited to explore what the Battle Born State has to offer. Dr. Harsini also enjoys reading and has a pet cat named Ronnie after Ronald Weasley in the popular novel “Harry Potter.” He speaks fluent English and clinical Spanish.