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Diabetic Eye Disease - 6 eye conditions you should know about

6 Eye Conditions To Know About

Most people face problems with their vision at some point in their lives. Some conditions are minor and go away over time or with the help of over-the-counter treatments. Other conditions, however, may need more intensive care from a specialist. Eye conditions include any medical issue that impacts your sight. Conditions can range from minor … Continued

diet and eye health

Diet & Eye Health: According to A Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Today’s modern lifestyle and diet might be putting eye health at risk. Everything may play a role in how well you can maintain your vision, from what you eat to how much time you spend looking at a digital screen.   If you understand some of the causes of eye problems like myopia, cataracts, macular … Continued

las vegas eye doctor

7 Reasons It’s Time to See Your Las Vegas Eye Doctor

When you make an appointment with an eye doctor, you can consult with an ophthalmologist, an optician, or an optometrist. An ophthalmologist is a licensed medical doctor specialist who performs eye surgeries. An optician is not a doctor but is a skilled craftsperson trained to design and fit visual aids like eyeglass or contact lenses. … Continued

Lasik Surgery

Getting LASIK In Las Vegas: What It Treats & Who It’s For

If you’re tired of blurry vision and corrective lenses, you may wonder if LASIK surgery is right for you.  Who is LASIK For? Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is refractive eye surgery to correct common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s one of the safest and most popular procedures. LASIK surgery is for … Continued

A patient being checked by an eye doctor

Las Vegas Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist: What to Know

Have you ever considered how important your eyes are? Humans rely on constant visual cues to communicate, assess situations, and complete numerous everyday tasks. A life without sight would be incomparably different, so you should never take your vision for granted.  Eye Health is Vital to Your Overall Health Not only are your eyes integral … Continued

Cellphone and en eyeglass

Technology & Your Eyes: Notes From A Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Technology. There’s no doubt everyone loves electronic devices, but many wonder if technology and eye problems go hand in hand. Warnings about blue light are the most common. It’s tough to escape blue light in the modern world; we are exposed to it when using computers, smartphones, tablets, or television. The worry about blue light … Continued

Closer visual of a beautiful eyes

Las Vegas Eye Doctor FAQs: When Can I Get Vision Correction?

If you struggle with visual acuity, you are far from alone. In fact, around 12 million people aged 40 or above in the United States have impaired vision. For 8 million of those people, the issue is due to uncorrected refractive error. Fortunately, there are many proactive steps you can take before you reach that … Continued

Beautiful pair of eyes of a lovely woman

7 Things to Look for In a Quality Las Vegas Eye Surgeon

Eye surgeons are ophthalmologists that specialize in surgically correcting vision problems. They treat a wide range of issues, including glaucoma, cataracts, refractive errors, and more. The right eye surgeon can help to improve and protect your vision. The thing is, not all surgeons are the same.  When it comes to your eyes, you don’t want … Continued

A woman summer eye protection by wearing sunglasses

8 Tips from a Las Vegas Ophthalmologist for Summer Eye Protection

Spring is coming to a close, which means summer is right around the corner. With summer comes spending much more time outdoors. You’re no doubt dreaming of all the fun activities you can do — like picnics, hiking, and visiting the beach. There’s much to look forward to now that the weather’s warming up. Before … Continued

A woman feels eye pain

Can Eye Floaters Be Removed?

Eye floaters are small, shadowy specks that hover and drift across a person’s field of vision. From web-like lines, thready rings, or see-through spots, eye floaters are extremely common and, in general, a natural part of the aging process.  However, in some cases, eye floaters can indicate a developing eye condition or an underlying health … Continued

Eye surgery graphic

Maximize Your Tax Savings by Using Your HSA/FSA for Eye Surgery

Financial planning and tax management have taken the front seat as we enter the new fiscal year. While preparing for 2021, investing in a plan such as a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you maximize tax savings.  More importantly, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has declared that these accounts … Continued